What colour is the bus?

Since the bus and life are synonymous, suit yourself. I’m sure some days it will be fire-engine red, and on others so in keeping with its surroundings you can’t see it. That’s the best kind of trip to be on, floating along somewhere off the ground, being whatever seems right in that moment, blending in with the scenery, offering no opinions or judgements about anything. In fact there doesn’t seem to be anyone around to get in the way.

How would one paint that? My imagination has become rather interested in the project, it’s a fantastical, funky sort of thing to do, and probably not to be done with the old-style paint mediums. One could try silicone graphics, or something that remembers to be there and not there at the same time, use colours that seem to have been borrowed from a rainbow.

What do you think?  How does your bus look?


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