Red buses have a purpose too!

Red buses always look as if they’re going somewhere VERY important. Is it the colour that makes one think that, or is it their get-up-and-goness? Every time I look they really are on the move, nothing wishy-washy about them, they have  schedules and stick to them! There are regular customers that travel the route that can’t be let down, won’t be let down.They are thoroughly reliable, been that way since it left the factory, and somehow they manage to look clean and tidy in the worst of weather.

Life has lots of people like that, hot to trot, functional, nose to the grindstone, get their energy from their dedication to a cause. Like a bus, it’s just as well we know they’ll be along when we need them, otherwise what a long wait we can expect.



  1. Murray Shoolbraid says:

    Yes, but I think now of the blue buses that one used to see ploughing along the roads of Fife, many years ago now. I expect that’ll all have changed by this time; but I recall the “Bluebirds” with fond nostalgia. They were more like your happy-go-lucky, cheery individuals who don’t bustle busily to GET somewhere, they seem to take their time in a more leisured fashion, but after all they still do get there. Wherever there is. Now about those green buses I saw somewhere….

  2. There are so many colours of green that are quite disturbing. Dundee had green buses that exactly matched the fog rolling in from the estuary of the Tay. Add in a bit of frost and the picture was bleak indeed. Part of our societies are like that, people too, foggy and a bit chilly, but we should consider that their paintwork wasn’t maybe of their own choosing.

    So much of what we have is reflective of who we are. I’m old enough to remember shaky, farty, smelly old buses, kept in service years past their ability to work well. But nowadays in Victoria, we have huge, glass atriums of buses, fast, purposeful, with absolutely nowhere to hide inside. Is that what we think we have, a transparent society? Do we really not mind being visible to others?

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