B’Hemoth snippet – Prequel to the Gatherers Trilogy

But the foreplay, conniving, palaver and hoopla that attended the run up to the Geneva Nuclear Energy Ban Treaty had been going on for almost a decade, and the peoples of the world had had their heads right royally stuffed with the minutiae of it. Everyone had become heartily sick of the play-acting and posturing, but in August of 2034, when the conference was at last happening, that boredom fell away, and it was a great relief to know that over the coming week, the appointed representatives would work to bring the world nuclear industry under strict global control. The aim of the treaty was quite clear; nuclear weapons production and the outdated domestic nuclear energy facilities were to be brought firmly under the aegis of one agency, and if the delegates voted that way, the dangerous and messy operations of the atomic industry would probably be done away with for good.


B’Hemoth is the first book, setting the stage, introducing many of the characters, and telling their stories between the years 2034 and 2065.

More to come.



  1. Well, you’ve got a great start here and you have left your readers wondering and curious – good job!

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