Where is the future?

Where is the future? The accepted answer is that it is somewhere ahead of us and depending on our hopes and desires and general view of life, it will always be rosy, like the dawn of a summer morning that one walks towards when out with the dog, but never ever reaches.

I have come to believe through my writing that it is not wise to think of time as holding a fixed linear state to the exclusion of all other possibilities. Of course it’s handy to keep time, seconds, minutes, hours, days, on and on into the years, much can be done with that information, but that’s not all that’s happening, surely. In fact a great deal of life is being missed by moving steadily ahead on Greenwich Mean Time. I’ll go further and say that timed activity notwithstanding, most of what is done takes its cues from the past, as expressed in the present moment, and the rosy future, not considered important, becomes relegated to maybe, or maybe not.

The Hopi Indian language ignores past and future and concentrates on what they refer to as a continuous moving present, which most nicely catches the essence of existence and real time, with all manufactured time pieces excluded.

The Earth keeps time also, but it’s not of our understanding, it is cosmic, evolutionary, self-adjusting, intuitive and from where we stand in relationship to the planet that allows us to live, sometimes most seriously reactive. If the Earth has a real blow-out, human activity is over with for a while, don’t bother to wind up your Rolex, knowing what the dial says will not help one bit. The past clearly has fallen away, the present has telescoped to include the future, and you live the continuous moving present without a baggage cart. What a relief, even if it scares the hell out of you!

Karma is also about time, it implies that what has gone on before in your life will eventually come to fruition, and if there was goodness before, then you may enjoy the benefit of it. Likewise badness will out and have its day. Karma is a universal law, if we allow that balance in the cosmic sense, requires that Chaos and Creation act karmically, and therefore cyclically upon all life, and that eventually the Earth has to pass from one of those states to the other to maintain its equilibrium.

What then?

Hold on to the concept that Karma continues to be applied, and that one’s destiny, in life and death, is always in force, and moving along the cosmic lanes of All Time.

Four Books to Change the Earth came directly out of these ideas, but surprisingly they weren’t high-flying, but found expression among ordinary folk who were alive in dangerously changed times.



  1. HI Kristin I will miss our monthly conversations, but will be able to recreate them vicariously through your blog how great is technology– keep well this winter Suzanne

  2. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own Blog!
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  3. Thank you, kind words. Blogging is an elegant way to get out there. Like Mulberry.

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