and in the beginning

Human beings never get to do anything original; they simply recreate everything in their own image.

Creation and Chaos are initiated at a much higher and discrete level, leaving humans, and probably all other species alive, to create their own God, or how else could a sense of Divinity be explained satisfactorily?

In the beginning, despite what history was to reveal, there wasn’t anything other than Divinity. Being alive was a spiritual thing, which meant that the subtle nuances of the inner workings of the human brain, being at that time largely empty, were studied at length and with great understanding.

Imagine knowing firsthand how to travel anywhere in the universes, sample the living standards on billions of planets, be star-travellers without having to build machines that could never take you there.

Thought settled on Earth and became life, and Earth, at first, was pleased, for also having arisen from raw thought, she was upgraded to being a beautiful, blue-green planet, resting quietly in a cosmic lay-by.

All species continued to create and recreate in their own image upon Her surface, but it was only the humans, the ones who’d been given an enormous central processing unit for a brain, who began to expand exponentially in every direction, command every outlook, demand their right to do whatever the hell they liked on Earth, no questions asked, no quarter given.

But all this humanly hubris took time to get up to speed, and in the meantime the inventory of achievements, good and awful, continued to accumulate, until it was impossible to be anywhere without banging into examples of all of it simultaneously, which caused no end of anxiety and confusion and anger and stupidity and damage to Earth, on a scale never envisioned by even the discrete gods.

But there it was:

The intelligent quotient of life decided on retreat, but lacking the chance to live peacefully on Earth, because that opportunity had been completely removed, the only place they thought to go was inside that grossly overgrown organ, the human CPU, and there create, in its own image, of course, an external drive, a computer, through which to illuminate the entire workings of the vast CPU itself.

A bold stroke! Fancy creating computers created in the image of the human brain to ultimately create thought out of which all life had been created, to have a go at being the GOD!

This has all the makings of trying an end-run, of initiating the mythical bird trick, of getting it right by actually being wrong. All of that, but interestingly, star-travel, the real stuff, was back on the books.



  1. Susan says:

    You leave me definitely wanting more….

  2. That was really well-written. Good job! 🙂

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