Thought creates Reality

Our thought creates Reality, they say.
Is that Reality then truly ours to keep?
If Planet Earth is of our imagining,
Did we dream it into space, spinning as it does at dizzying speed
Through star-shot fields of deepest indigo, or did
Earth dream herself into being?

Is Earth a spontaneous accumulation of matter?
An accretion, maybe, Like attracting Like, or perhaps
A hardening of quirky subatomic potential.
The stubby fingers of a little child at play will happily mould pats of mud into a ball;
Is it possible, therefore, for a planet to be born that way?
Or does the Dreamed dream the Dreamer?

Our imagination often reaches out and constructs among the stars
The magnificent Creation story visible in the Heavens.
But on Earth our eyes find Chaos rampant everywhere.
Beyond the scope of sight, Imagination is free to dress Thought
In garbs of fantastical hue.
As with the Universes, Thought is infinite.
And we may reach into it anywhere, anytime.

From B’Hemoth,
Prequel to the Gatherers Trilogy



  1. Nice. I like that. I need more.

  2. Neva, Thanks. I wrote a saga right enough, but not in verse. Thought about it once, but know when I have bitten off more than I can chew. Assuming that you are going the main tetralogia site and are musing in there. Hope to expand on various elements of the book writing project,as I continue to consider how they are to be published. Good to hear from you. Kristin

  3. Infinity is not a done deal.
    We still have time to blow it.

    Good day, Kristin! šŸ™‚

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