If we think we are here

If we think we are here,
We don’t need to take form,
Do we?

Many years ago that thought didn’t arise in my mind nicely formed. What struggled to the surface, through bouts of irritation and anger about how badly humanity lived on the Earth, was something more like; we don’t need to be here, if we really are here.
It appears to me to be only about what might happen, because we can’t get a grip of the whole picture, it’s too big, we’re always only working with bits and pieces, many of which are not current, but extrapolated from other events and piggy-backed into a new situation. The doing of something and the talking about it seem to be in different zones entirely, which is why it is often very difficult to get agreement among people about anything.

Humans have lived on planet Earth for a long, long time, but it is only now that some people are beginning to recognise that Earth has an independent presence, which struggles, as we do, with its relationship to what is going on around it. The consequences of Earth getting it wrong, or just having to go through the hoops like everyone else, are potentially catastrophic, big is big, there’s no arguing about that!

One major twitch from the planet, I thought, and we can be entirely done for, dead, as a species, to any future. Very dramatic, but far too refined and tidy, given what has already been said about not being able to get a grip of the whole banana. I began to write jotters full of notes, intrigued that an Earth event might be so final, and miffed that so much wonder would be denied, because of a planetary outburst that far exceeded any living thing’s ability to survive it. A cataclysm, call it an on-going and dynamic adjustment by a living planet body, completing its own round of change. Enough ring-a-rosy! Someone, something would survive, wouldn’t they?

First there was one sentence, then a paragraph, a person’s name, or two, a place to have to say goodbye to, a place to hide in and wait out the troubles.
First efforts were not good enough. All writers know the condition, I allowed myself to get hooked, but I really wasn’t holding the ball.

Notes to B’Hemoth:Prequel to the Gatherers Trilogy.



  1. Husband No. 1 used to say, after hours of mental exploration of any topic, “now that we’ve done it, we don’t have to do it. Doing it will just clog up the environment. It’s already out there – let someone else pick it up and do it. We’ve done our part.”
    Finding one’s conclusions incorporated, some days or weeks or years later, into a commercialized product or “new” theory is satisfying and amusing. Some questions are: how long does it take? and, can we influence the speed of absorption / recognition? Of course, there’s always the consideration of whether we have the energy / time / compulsion to “do it” ourselves before we release our thoughts to the Universe. And, does the Karma that accrues to us as a result of “doing it” in whatever form, or not “doing it” and just letting it flow, differ? If I conclude and release without manifesting, is there any difference to the results for me?
    Writing about our mental explorations is one way to track who picks up the ball and what happens to it after that. Manifestation, the responsibility for making things or ideas “happen” or appear is greater that we realize (if we’ve thought about that at all). Is the act of creation (yikes!) enough to set off the “big bang” or suck us back into the Black Whole?
    Starting again after disaster is an opportunity to work with all of this.

  2. Very good, Neva, just the ticket. Loved the ‘Black Whole’, which so reminded me of the Mythical Bird Trick, I had to go off and laugh in a corner.

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