a tale unfolds

It is all very well for me to drop little snippets of this and that in your lap; I know how they fit into the scheme of things, how the light of Earth is lost to darkness and why, how, by the end of Book Four, it shows signs of returning and what it begins to reveal.

A little piece from Book Two of the Gatherers Trilogy to revive hope, and show that I expect good things of this tale:

……..Verity strolled slowly towards the bench, admiring the pink and white blossoms glowing in bunches over her head, their centres fattening with the promise of the fruits to follow. Her stomach churned noisily with the terrible fear that the promise would soon be broken.
Rachael rose as Verity approached and held out her hands to her as she approached.
“This is it then, Rachael, this is Cataclysm?” Verity didn’t want an answer, but she couldn’t not say something, she was too worked up inside to hold her tongue. So much was unknown and yet fully expected.
“God, Rachael, how will we go on? Will we be so much dead and frozen meat by tomorrow? Or whatever passes for tomorrow, I can’t even imagine that!”
“The great change begins now, Verity.” Rachael smiled so gently and with so much love in her eyes that Verity’s heart opened and filled with a warm glowing feeling.
“Look at what’s ahead differently, my dear. If today is the last day of this world as we know it, then tomorrow must be the first day of what is new. How can it not be so? ……..

……..Verity came back to her apple orchard, supported in Rachael’s strong arms. She was shaking uncontrollably and wailing as Cataclysm’s victims had wailed, barely able to contain in her mind what she’d been allowed to see through Rachael’s vision eyes.
“Mankind survives, Verity,” Rachael said, without emphasis, “as will other species. It is part of our covenant with the Light of Consciousness, and through our connection to Greatest Spirit as the All One, that Earth will continue to spin and travel around her star without cease. Something new and vibrant will spring from the red ash, just as a young phoenix rises from the corpse of the old, as new trees push through to the light after a forest fire. Life will grow again, first one moment, then another, on and on and on. The survivors will be charged with the work of rebirth, and they will have help along the way. They will succeed, not despite themselves, but by being who they are. Without Darkness the Light cannot be perceived, and without Light, Darkness cannot work the magic of Change. Open your heart, Verity, and let that magic flow through you and strengthen your resolve.”……..


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