The Prequel B’Hemoth begins in August, 2034, and ends late on the evening of Friday, June 12, 2065. Thirty-one years to introduce the characters, give them a place to live, a set of personal and social values, and hopes for the future which are severely undermined by world circumstances that culminate in the short, and brutal war of the B’Hemoths.

Cataclysm’s Day begins a few hours later on the morning of Saturday, June 13, 2065, and ends in the evening of the same day.

No one likes to contemplate Earth in planetary crisis, but the possibility is always there. We live on a piece of space material which is hurtling along at high speed with everything else out there, and it is a miracle that there haven’t been more memorable ‘accidents’ to report of a current nature. Praise Be!

Many books and films have been created around potential Earth catastrophes, I have simply got my two bits worth in on the subject, and have reduced the world population from eight billion human souls to eighty. Ooops! It is not probable that meaningful change will happen if the population involved, human in this case, is too large and unwieldy. Inform the few, influence the many.

Death comes at the beginning not the end. Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, evolutionary change can be effected in the matter of a day, not a million years. This is the core concept of the story in Cataclysm’s Day. Out of Chaos comes Creation, the new is built from the wreckage of the old; this should not surprise us very much, we see it happen every day, except that on a planetary scale it’s a bit of a shocker, especially if the problem occurs to the space rock we’re standing on.

Who survives an Earth catastrophe? Can we foretell?



  1. Allan Ferrier says:

    Come on then Kristin get on with it, don’t keep us waiting. You and I are ages and the three score and ten are up so time is limited. It is going to be a helluva bang to reduce the population to eighty. Any warning signs and the Governments will be in their underground bunkers – a few more than eighty!. How about a new ice age, a real ice age, that would clear out the debris with no recovery for a millenium or two or three.
    Happy writing. Allan.

    P.S. I’m really a Lee Child, Quintin Jardine or Ian Rankin reader but the occasional Science Fiction would not go amiss. Or is it fiction you are writing? If you know something I don’t give me an hour or two warning so I can cook the steak and open a good bottle of wine, say cheerio with a meenit or twa to think aboot it.

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