Let there be peace.

Quite a few folk clicked on the tetralogia blog entry Peace. I had put up a lovely picture of a Peace rose that was growing in my garden, because of the wonderful energy and joy of living it was exuding.
But taking the word Peace a little further, I wonder if we know, as human beings, what peace really is, or can be.
Some Peace Conferences I have read about remind me of the definition of an Irish Wake: a sit down meal, and a stand up fight! Such an outflow of aggression and intimidation; behaviour to be expected in play-off hockey, seventh round, but not from like-minded people, gathered to find ways to diffuse world tensions. Peace, apparently, hadn’t been invited, it was somewhere else, non-applicable to the delegates.
The words peace and spaciousness have a lot in common for me; an opportunity is presented for strong energies to spread out, whether they are of a good or bad kind, and the persons involved don’t necessarily have to be totally removed from the developing situations, but can have breathing room, calmness over pressured confusion.
To be able to achieve that much openness would be good for almost all occasions where there is difference, and the expression, ‘give me a break’, sums the matter up rather well.

Then there is the journey towards inner peace, best supported by a steady practice of meditation and quietness of body, which should be easier, surely, than coping with the vagaries of the outside world.
Sorry, nothing doing, once the body stops moving, the mind takes off, and proceeds to make a continuous racket that would shame a gaggle of turkeys at feeding time. Truly, it’s shocking, how long am I supposed to sit here and listen to this, you ask?
As long as it takes you to find the other word for peace, Acceptance.


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