Does Time Travel?

Is anything actually moving? Do we need to go somewhere to be somewhere?

A little bit of me gets excited with that thought. “You’re on to something,” it says, ‘dig into that, go a little further down the worm-hole.”

Indian yogis move themselves from A to B, often hundreds of miles distant from each other. The British Army in Indian reported on this phenomenon, and were stumped by it. But did one image of the person stay at home while the other, through holographic activity, went roving?

The shaman Rolling Thunder could bring objects to him from distant places, claiming that the process was easier to achieve if he remembered where the original object was located. Was that holographic sleight of hand also?

A friend tells me I slow down time enormously. I see myself as having nice long days. It is very probable, I think, that every living thing experiences time very differently, and that the Earth must also have a similar process to report. We are connected directly to the planet at all times; if Earth changes, do we change too, and never notice it?

Still, if everything is travelling at the same speed in the Universe, does that cancel out Time?



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