2011 AD – Communication networks these days are truly amazing; what on Earth will they be like in 2034 AD, when the B’Hemoth story begins? How about no cables to bother one, no dangling wires here and there, breeding, it seems like rabbits, behind tables and bookcases. No plugs, jacks, transformers, USB thumb drives, as such, all gone. Forget about browsers and servers by the dozens, pick on one. Ah, there only is one!
Right now we enjoy, using the old meaning, an intriguing, but highly infuriating mish-mash of data presentation and storage, from the cellars to the clouds, and I refer only to end-user things, what goes on at the beginning and in the middle, I have no idea at all!
I’m absolutely sure the stories can’t go forward fast if I have to take time out for my heroes and heroines to do their blogs and tweets, charge their phones and speak for hours on them. Emails, chat lines, social networking, are expressions of the ultimate in personal experience and independence, but what time is left for real life?
Is it likely, therefore, that we will get bored with it all one day, throw the whole business up in the air, and return to waving flags?
Wi-fi is here to stay, no question, but I imagine it as a much more refined, smooth operating, standardized, and very, very bug free operation. By the late 2020s, there will be a global communication network system that is multiple-purpose, everywhere and absolutely free to use. Pick up a device when you need it, if it packs it in, get another one, choose from a range of functions, from the day to day sort, to the kind that can perform complex mathematical calculations in nanoseconds.
Sounds like you will probably be wearing your computer somewhere on your person, and every square inch of the planet will be wired, and capable of handling any sort of message that must travel somewhere.
Is this possible?
Why not? The information explosion goes out and out like the Big Bang. There’s in-depth stuff, fluff stuff, political tuff stuff, gaga stuff, DYKWTHYATA stuff, think of it and it exists. The gear will be top of the line stuff, but as is usual with humans, the users will be all over the board, a jumble of techies, tweeters, bloggers texters – well, maybe not that bad; there is always a steady stream of the right stuff, but who has the time to read it, listen to it, absorb it? File it under TBRL, then delete it.


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