Rachael’s Prayer

Suddenly the glow in Jake’s Cave intensified, and from its furthest out edges began to shift in colour from the crystalline whiteness to a wondrous soft pink. Steadily it filled inwards to finally touch the brilliant centre that was Rachael in spirit. Greatest Spirit as the All One was come.
Rachael made obeisance, then gathered the words of her prayer together and contained them within the locus of the pink light, which, at her mind’s touch, became so tight and intense that as it released, it exploded out at incredible speed, expanding and expanding, growing so immense that no being or object within the Light of Consciousness could ignore its presence or know its limit. It shot through all the universes at one and the same time, and did what it was supposed to do: rap very hard on the knocker of the Guv’nor’s front door.

Cataclysm’s Day, Book One of the Gatherers Trilogy


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