Out on the road

There is a race memory not far from the surface in any of us that recalls – no, savours, the times spent travelling from one place to another.
Journeying is so inherently enjoyable and exciting, that many of the trials and tribulations built directly into the experience of moving across vast spaces have been deliberately suppressed to allow the greater pleasures encountered along the way to remain fresh and worthy of recounting over and over again.
Being out in the fresh air is not only healthy; it is naturally liberating, the simplest and least expensive of anything we might try to do for ourselves. Even now, when the means of getting from A to B has become so much faster and very sophisticated, a walk in a quiet park, a brisk hike across open moors or along a beach, can make the body energies dance, and let the mind relinquish a stack of irrelevant considerations.
Travelling in olden times was, and even now is a way of life which so engages those who do it that they never want to stop, and prefer to take their homes along with them. The painted wooden caravan being drawn along by a gentle horse is an icon; we can see the picture instantly in our mind’s eye. It is a marker in the progress of man that says, “We used to know how to do things the right way, why not go for it again? There’s no need to keep belting along; slow down, smell the roses, there’s a bunch of them hanging out of the hedgerow, and coming up on the left, bright pink scented ones; pick a few for the table this evening.”
The scenes of that day will later be wafted into dreams by the perfume of those flowers.
Don’t forget, time tables, frustrations and dangers have been discounted, the image of calm progress has been allowed to override trouble. Why not? Why not get up behind the pony, take the reins in your hands and gently guide yourself forward into a future that is waiting for you to arrive? Stop often, rest when you need to, drink in the soft colours of the landscape, wait out the storms in sheltered places, and let your caravan home remind you that you can live well with simple essentials.
Give thanks also to the animal who takes you where you want to go, to the wheels that roll on without comment, and the roof that keeps you dry and gives shape to the existence you have chosen to embrace.
No wonder the wanderer along the road keeps going; life truly is about journeying, not arriving. Think on it, can there be anything better?
roses pink


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