Say what?

We each live day to day in our own small cocoon. It doesn’t take much distance for the rumble of city noise to be lost to the ears; walk round two corners and where is it? I am sitting writing this note in my room, and beyond the door there is silence. What’s going on out there? I know nothing. Eyes and ears help a little, but not all the time, and not if I sit tight where I am.

Memories can fill in a great many blanks, in fact memory is our most consistent adviser, but it too can be very indifferent. Sometimes facts don’t appear to enter into the matter at all, which is weird because that’s what we need!

In olden times information about what was happening over a distant hill used to be bitty and scant, those who wanted to know were totally dependent on the appearance of a passerby who had seen, firsthand, what was being wondered about.

Nowadays there’s so much information flowing freely that ways have to be found to filter most of it out. Yet there remains, in both cases, the question of truth of content, – veracity is a better word, – because without noticing it, there is another subtle layer of filtering going on, namely the capacity of an observer to ‘report’ accurately. Always someone’s point of view, political or otherwise, overlays the facts, and unless you were exactly where the issue in question was going on, all information is, at best, second-hand and subject to doubt. Our own perceptions are also subject to the same process of filtration as general information.
Looks like it’s impossible to be sure of anything; maybe that’s as close to truth as anyone can get. A life lived without judgement allows for the possibility of everything to occur naturally.

Never can two people see an object in the same way at the same time. A million people at a rally have a million impressions, and the chance of one opinion being agreed upon by all is unlikely.

For something to catch everyone’s attention and bring them to an ‘Oh @#$%’ point of agreement, is big, in fact it’s probably evolutionary.


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