Get ahead, get a hat!

When I discovered wool felting, I became interested in knitting again. A decade or two had gone by since I picked up the pins, and frankly I don’t think I would have bothered ever again, because I’d started to knit when I was four, and over the years had done everything that could be made with wool on two needles or four. Then I found a Cat Bordhi book on knitted felting, and the game was on again. I recommend all knitters out there to take a look at what this lady does, lovely, lovely, lovely!

But no hats, and I fancied one to keep out the cold, so I began to experiment using circular needles, knowing that at the end of the knitting process came the felting, and if I didn’t get it right, I wouldn’t be able to get it on. The best wool for the job comes from Briggs and Little in New Brunswick; it is strong and colourful, and felts consistently every time. There’s no end to the combinations of colours and shapes.

The family watched in disbelieving amazement as the house filled up with bright bonnets in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and were relieved, I’d say, when I decided to sell them off.

Click a hat, see where I’m at.


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