In response to Alan’s comment

Quite right, Alan, it’s a mighty bang and completely unexpected, even to those who were watching for potential to become fact. But then I write speculative future fiction with a New Age Twist, so I can say what I like. Funnily, many incidents in the books have begun to take shape in this current world, but really I think creative people, writers and artists among them, find ways to express what is actually going on, they don’t have to make up all that much.
Can’t tell you the story, the books are original and unpublished, and I have to protect my work. Case in point, the composer Rossini would never give out the music to his new operas till only a few hours before the first performance, because the gondoliers lurking on the canals outside the theatre would hear the piece, memorise and sing it to everyone before the curtain went up. How annoying is that?
I can say that the prequel “B’Hemoth”, (2034 – 2065) is to be brought out as an Audio Book. The preparations to do this have begun, and with application and a bit of luck, it won’t be too long before it is complete. We have the talent around here to do this, which makes me excited, if not scared, at the story finally heading out into the wide world; it has hung around home long enough.


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