What is Money?

For certain it is not something natural, it does not grow on trees, it is not organic, claiming no direct relationship to the soil. No other species on Earth has anything to do with money, this is an abstract construct that has developed in the minds of humans to facilitate business, and it is used in a wide variety of currencies which everyone can recognise.

I am old enough to remember coins that were huge and very heavy; they were actually worth the value stamped on them. With paper money, the number of bills printed was entirely dependent on the worth of the state issuing them. Those were slow-moving and predictable times for the most part. Money mirrored that respectability, and one could count on its value to the smallest denomination.

Money is easy to use; much more so than its older cousin, barter.

Barter is about the exchange of goods or services of equal value. No business would be carried out until both parties were sure they could execute a fair exchange. Everyone knew the intrinsic value of what they had, a barrel of apples for a side of pork, that sort of thing. Folk husbanded their land and animals, knowing that without proper care and attention they would be unable to be part of barter agreements that were necessary for their well-being.
There is no middleman in barter, there is nothing abstract about this method of doing business; it is earthy, real, reliable, fair, predictable, and guaranteed to protect the land and oceans for all time.


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