Alone in the Universe

Maybe each universe has one form of consciousness, that’s it, no more, no less. In our universe Earth contains all there is of the life force, or as I call it the Light of Consciousness. If Earth was done for, this universe would be dead, or at least moribund until a visitor from some other where, not close, you can be sure of that, might chance by.

Then again maybe everything is crammed like meat in a can, and getting out of there is a perpetual expression of the Big Bang, that goes on and on and on. Other forms of life force would be closer to us in this model, and could perhaps make use of our space, but there has been not the slightest peep to indicate that they are out there, and folk have been listening for that sound for a long time.

Alternate dimensions, which we know little about, but which are actually natural to our universe, might be the place to look, but it is very unlikely that we will come across versions of ourselves, glimpsed vaguely through a veil as it were. Writers have been playing with this potential for years, great movies have been made that have populated every aspect and facet of the unknown, but there is still plenty of room left for a creative imagination.

Earth is in a bit of a fix in the Gatherers Trilogy; why not sound the Great Horn and send in the cosmic cavalry, if not to put everything back to rights, then at least to clear the way for a nice new beginning.

Will we be able to see our saviours? Should we want to? Earth forms are heavy and lumpy, there’s nothing to suppose that the hired help will descend to the weightedness that Time and Space impose.

Think about energy forms, inter-stellar fix-its whose work knows no limit, apply no restrictions and allow fluidity in all dimensions, then you have a fractal of the embodiment of the life force, no less.

Can get a lot done with help like that!


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