…Some e-data that Via got up said that there were Tinklers and farmers in the valley, and both groups were hard-working, easy-going folk who went about their business and let their neighbours do the same. There being plenty of room to spread out in the valley, the folk had no reason at all to stand on each other’s toes, and over the years they rubbed along very nicely, taking comfort from each other.

Tinklers is an odd name to have, reported the article, but of any that might have been chosen, it was best suited to those who used it.
The Tinklers were not descendants of a single race of people, such as the gypsy-bands of old Europe and Asia, or the nations of peoples who called the Americas their home, or any other indigenous group that was distinct from all the rest of humanity, but gatherings of peoples who’d lived so long together and followed a particular way of living life, that they’d taken a common name.

They were Earth’s most natural people, drawn from every culture and society, made in every shade of colour, and once holding, as one might expect, a variety of spiritual beliefs, but being Tinklers now, they’d condensed their differences and made them entirely singular.
They were agrarians, heart and soul, people of the soil, native sons and daughters of Mother Earth, they were people who had chosen not to have anything to do with the intentions of the Industrial Revolution and its careening, chaotic aftermath. They preferred to fill their days with mindful attention to the Earth that gave them life, thus presenting, by the twenty-first century, a stark contrast to the so-called modern person who had an ever-expanding, consuming and shallow existence. Tinklers refused to participate in the wholesale lifestyle changes that were being forced upon the world by huge consortium businesses.This went against their highest principles, because it brought about a separation from the land. That sort of ill-considered homogeneity was anathema to them; it had no lasting interest for them whatsoever, and so for their comfort’s sake, they took themselves away from the furore to find peace and quiet in a forgotten place….

taken from Be’Hemoth, Prequel to The Gatherers Trilogy.



  1. Just thought i’d comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looksgood.

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up. The theme is WordPress Lifestyles. I have used a little bit of code to colour posts etc., not an expert though.

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