Playing possum means shamming death, pretending not to appear alive. If there’s a sound reason for this action, well and good; a person has to do what a person has to do. But otherwise there’s nothing to be gained by keeping out of the flow of life; that leads to nothing but trouble.
There’s always something that can be done about that sort of situation, however. Changes can be made, because living in a claustrophobic atmosphere, breathing in the choking dust of old, outworn concepts and attitudes, is a sure-fire way to experience a form of real death, the loss of the true self, something which is very hard to regain.
Look for solutions; think of fears and uncertainties as flowers, use their scents and the sight of their beautiful blossoms to arouse feelings of creativity. Kindle the desire to be doing something personal and interesting; allow doors to open to the outside, and let fresh ideas penetrate into the deepest places.
Create a sense of space all about, always be where it is easy to breathe fully, so that every cell in the body can expand and be nourished.
When there is openness and wellness, there is no need to take on the anger and confusion of others. It is not necessary to play possum and feign a living death in order to protect oneself.



  1. Love it!

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