Wise Gods

I’m sure humans, thinking themselves on the top of the heap, would like to claim the username – Wise Gods, but it’s already been taken, private site, no way to know who has it!
Godlike status notwithstanding, there’s an equally prevalent idea among us that we are superior to every other creature, and from that lofty perch we can declare ourselves above criticism.
Nature always seems to find balance, has a place for everything, and that for the greater good. That cannot be said, with complete confidence, about human behaviour; though on a one to one basis we do tolerably well, in numbers we have a bad track record, and as the population numbers increase, it’s not unlikely we’ll get spooked, charge the gate, and thunder off towards the open cliff and certain destruction.

Some folk sooth themselves with the thought that we’re being manipulated, manoeuvred towards the abyss, that we are not responsible for what is going on. But who would be doing the shoving? Not our wild neighbours, or our gods, surely!
Nothing new, we’ve broken through the fence on many past occasions, but at this present time, our numbers have become so huge that we don’t have to shift very much to cause a bad wobble in the human condition. Previous outbursts happened mostly in discrete places and in relative silence, but nowadays we have become a global community due to communication power that is truly amazing and wide-ranging – more than capable, you would think, of providing us with the information to overcome the taint of ignorance that we wear like a badge of honour.
It’s tough to remain an optimist, because it doesn’t look as if we’re using the available technology well. It’s not set up to serve us effectively, it doesn’t work for our enlightenment; instead we use it as a vast soother, the kind a baby gets shoved in its mouth to prevent it making a noise. It’s a dangly toy that bobs and bounces in front of our eyes to divert our attention away from what is important, for fear we’ll get the message and understand what we have to do to solve our problems.
Humans evolved willingly towards social and economic independence; we defend that state as a right in law, and fall over backwards trying to make that position work. Being independent, however, doesn’t bring power, it’s all about separation, isolation and isolationism, about inherent weakness and structural flaws, but as we have embraced this concept voluntarily, and have divided ourselves up into billions of independent pieces, it will be very hard to move towards a position of interdependence within our own species, never mind with any of the other kinds that share this earthly space with us.
It has come to the point that with the best will in the world, the human race can cause total disaster without really trying to. Perhaps we should be hopeful that the Wise Gods have noted our predicament, and are considering acting upon that knowledge.


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