Square One:Hearts Ease

We are very much accustomed to dealing with crashed computers and defunct systems of all sorts, and we have the know-how to get things up and running again. Granted it can take time to get the work done, sometimes, but with patience and application problems of that sort are usually resolved. It very rarely happens that nothing can be done, short of a total rebuild, or a completely new beginning.
The above remarks are directed at situations where we are outside the defective equipment looking into it, but take a moment to consider a state of affairs where we humans are in the position of being seriously damaged.

Earth doesn’t often experience an all systems blowout, but it can; the geological record tells us this has happened, though infrequently. On those stupendous occasions there must have been a significant culling of the life forms on Earth, including humans, and a total collapse of the many complex systems by which life had ordered itself.
We seem to assume that humans were not around in numbers to experience such an event, but perhaps that was not the case; perhaps other human populations were in full bloom when Earth had a significant hiccup, and what we study now are the tag ends of that earlier blooming state.
Could be, but that’s not so interesting at this time.
Cataclysmic events quickly remove the solid structural evidence of a civilisation, reducing everything to very basic states, which erase most of the evidence of what has gone before. Of course there are human survivors; the life force doesn’t give up that easy, but for those very few, apart for the obvious loss, something has been removed, namely the abstract thought forms which were used extensively to determine the nature of societies.
Such as?
Money, politics, law, education, war, fundamental rights; there are more, but consider: these buzz words represent not only functioning processes, but are catch-alls for subtle, unseen pillars of understanding, which are used to support the way we want to live.
And if all that is gone along with everything else, and only a few people find themselves sitting round a fire, with minds wiped clean by the shock of it all, what then?
The beginning point of that new day is evolutionary in impact. That moment is the template for all possible futures, and even more critically it provides an opportunity for the more esoteric thoughts that populate the human mind to come to the fore and create the basis of a new working formula – faith, compassion, acceptance, kindness to all things, cooperation, natural goodness; and because these offerings are absolutely free, they are eternal gifts from one heart to another, exerting no pressure on anyone or anything.


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