Take it or Leave it.

At this point in the story there is ambivalence in everything, the ordinary person was almost voiceless, the rich free to do as they wanted.

Fait accompli. Take it or leave it. Let’s get on with the show. We’re wasting time. The accusations against those who voiced concern were many and the impatience at their desire for more discussions was very obvious. What did they expect to achieve? Let’s do it, get ahead, make money, be rich and retire at age forty-five.

‘ …People were living a myth,’ Mario argued.
‘…But what is myth; a story without basis in fact, or one whose facts have been deliberately subverted by the discovery of a better plot?
‘…The push is definitely on,’ Mario postulated, ‘to have all human needs met through the wonders of modern technology. No consideration need be given to the method used; taking without asking is perfectly okay; ceaseless pillage and rape of the resources of the planet an absolute necessity; and doing little or nothing to redress the imbalances created was just the unfortunate consequences of doing business.
‘…But surely such actions and attitudes cannot hold up for long, given the natural system of duality in which we live? The new must build using the broken bits of the old and abandoned. How else can we go on? We live in a closed ecosystem, there’s nothing more or better available to us. So, what now, old mole?
‘…Millions of lives know only cruel poverty, they are rotting away, with little to look forward to, whether there’s a war to add insult to injury or not. These forgotten souls haven’t been invited to the discussion tables, nor were they included in the debate!
‘…Peace, or what is being promoted as such, benefits the already rich and fortunate. The wars that are to be done away with have only moved from the battlefields to the boardrooms, places where the necessities of complex commerce are discussed and planned. They do not expect to hear any input from those who will be directly affected by the final decisions, as in the fighting of wars was certainly the case. In the boardrooms power will shift quickly and almost silently, nudged by the momentum of vast sums of money and those who are directing it.’

taken from B’Hemoth, Prequel to the Gatherers Trilogy.


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