Your move!

Facts having direct bearing on the Gatherers Trilogy.
As I have mentioned before, a cataclysmic event can change the direction of evolution in a matter of hours, not a million years, the thinking being that the Life Force, when faced with a crisis, will make a snap decision, to ensure its own continuance. Small evolutionary changes occur by the billions every day; we call them the decision-making process, but many of these events have profound effects on what will happen up ahead. It is the all-encompassing sudden shock, however, which crunches a great deal into a small space of time and produces the marked shift.

Looking up into a blue or grey sky, at clouds and stars, we might, perhaps, think of the atmospheres that encapsulate planet Earth. There are two main ones, the Troposphere, closest in, and the Stratosphere out beyond that. There are several slight variations in between, but basically that’s all we’ve got. The diameter of the Earth is around 7,926 miles, but the Troposphere adds only another seven miles to that figure. Wow! Not much, .01% of the diameter, and the Stratosphere, at 29 miles, is only .36%. How very little there is to protect us from the harshness of deep space, and how very little absorption the atmospheres can provide if we continue to send damaging gases and particulate aloft.

Never mind us: add in a few volcanoes of the explosive kind who refuse to quit firing, and the situation can become critical in a hurry. Mount St Helens sent 100 cubic kilometers of ash and dust into the air, then settled down. We know that the volcano Popocatapetl in Mexico deposits far greater than 1000 cubic kms. per year into the atmospheres. If a gaggle of those monsters are all talking at the same time, a situation could arise, if their explosive phase continues unabated, where the light from the sun is lost and the temperature drops very low indeed.

Earth must make adjustments to situations which create internal stress; such changes will affect us all.


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