B’Hemoth: 2034 – 2110

It has taken more than fifteen years to write the Prequel B’Hemoth and the Gatherers Trilogy: Cataclysm’s Day; The Blessings of Dis; and Sol, The Return of the Sun. The road to getting it done, has taken many turnings, before the words settled down into the story it is now.
In the tetralogia blog I’ve been talking about characters, situations and important issues that saw the light of day in B’Hemoth, noting, with interest, how often the original context reflected events in a more recent time. It wasn’t about being prescient, but about taking the long historical view, which allows the watching eye to look well ahead at how things could come to be.
The book B’Hemoth has the job of putting everything and everyone in their proper place; it is the comparatively gentle first act in a four act drama that runs the gamut from the possible extinction of all species on Earth, to the realisation, for not too many, that there is more than a good chance for survival, no, renewal, if the survivors stay in good heart and use all the skills they have to create a new beginning.
Nothing can be the way it was before, if there was any reason for the cataclysm it was that essential systems should change. Life will be very different, but contained within these new dimensions is the knowledge that it will be possible to live on Earth and beyond the planet, in ways never considered likely before.

B’Hemoth will be published soon, first as an Audio Book, a format that well suits the modern lifestyle; and depending on the success of this venture, the other three books will also be presented in the same way.



  1. Very good!

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