Cataclysm’s Day

Book One of The Gatherers Trilogy is ominously called Cataclysm’s Day; the opportunities for the few survivors to find safety being woefully short!

Earth has birthed a cataclysm, a very natural thing for a planet with a volcanic history to do, but devastating for those who are caught in the deadly process. This is not a post-apocalyptic gut-wrencher with few options, it leans strongly towards a pre-utopian future, and the characters in the tale, though finding themselves in a world torn apart, bring to the intimate disaster their own innate strengths. Instead of giving in, they prefer to open up to all manner of unexpected influences, some more believable than others.

Strangely, as the writing went along and the ideas presented themselves, it became very clear that the crisis I was working with was large only because of its planetary scale, that crises that affect all living things are exactly the same no matter who is experiencing them, and that each and every one of us can relate, providing the smallest details, with what was going on that fated day in 2065. With a little reflection, we quote with chapter and verse the nature of our own catastrophe, easily identifying with points such as:
I should have seen this coming.
Why was I not paying attention?
Look how much hurt this is going to cause.
Why me?
Maybe it’s a bad dream, when I wake up tomorrow everything will be as it was before.
How can I ever put this right?
This wasn’t my fault, I was forced into it!
There are millions of little tag phrases to apportion blame and guilt and assuage fear and confusion.

Is it inappropriate to say that the psychological states attending human misfortune can be applied directly to the planet Earth? The planet is, as each of us is, an independent, self-regulating and intuitive life force. Granted, the enormity of scale makes the consequences of the cataclysm beyond quick and simple repair, and the time required to settle back to normal is outside of calculation.

How will things go? As with small tragedies, patience and an open heart are essential every step of the way.


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