The idea of Earth splitting apart and wrecking itself, never mind destroying all other life residing on her surface, is very disturbing. Unthinkable.
Commonsense and good scientific study remind us that the planet Earth does not, in general terms, often revert to a state more akin to its beginnings, but there are structural weaknesses in her body that might let go, it’s not impossible.
While Earth may throw few tantrums of a profoundly changeful nature, humans throw many. We are boggled by what goes on in our heads, and we seemed drawn to deal primarily in terms of crises. Apparently we are not comfortable, as a species, using reasoned thought as a means to relieve our problems.
The human brain has two drives in it; one drive builds and computes in a truly remarkable way, while the other, unable to identify the first, kills everything off. We know this phenomenon rather well, our own computers do this all the time, and we build these things in our own image, don’t we?
We have technology that is so exact, it can find, from outer space, an object that is less than a millimetre is size, but it seems difficult for us, at other times, to locate our heads sitting on our shoulders!
Take the planet as one entity and humanity as another. The need for change comes upon both in small increments, a process that builds until it creates, in humanity, a mass of feeling, which if it is not diffused, will go off like a volcano, which, as we know, is Earth’s more usual way of letting off steam.
Our smaller numbers in centuries past may not have done justice to the power that can be released, but now that we are reaching for eight billion souls, the eruption of a super volcano might look like the efforts of a wet squib, and might be a more acceptable fate, if we don’t find ways to observe and correct our common behaviour.
It can be done: act with respect towards all things, and be content. That’s not so difficult to do, is it?



  1. A very true read! I like the analogies a lot! 🙂
    Mutual respect among ourselves and our enviro would go a long way in making our life is aweasome-er 🙂

  2. Thanks, Scarlet S, First Nations Indians understood this well, but the rest of us came over with all our old, worn out habits and thinking in our suitcases. Got to dump that lot now!

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