There are some markers to work towards now that blogging is slightly better understood. It is important to get out into Blogland and search out other eager bloggers who are working to express their ideas or sell a product. Through tetralogia and wiggledywoo I hope to do both.
Receiving and making comments on various subjects and opinions is an interesting aspect of blogging, and I hope that there can be more give and take in the future on that front.
Presenting the posts in audio format is in the works, and it will take on several different looks as we go along. Short tracts from the narration of B’Hemoth to begin with, yours truly telling it like it is supposed to be, and perhaps some formal discussions on the books or topics relevant to them can take place.
Audio Books seem a very good way to approach publication for the first time. It reminds me a little of the BBC Home Service decades ago, where we’d gather round the radio and listen closely to a programme, or busy ourselves with something that had to be done while we took in the drama of a play. Nothing amiss with that, and now that there so many ways to listen, the chances of hearing a book narrated from start to finish are very fair.
I like the ideas that can spring from blogging, I hope the readers do too.


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