Much to chew on, but B’Hemoth, the title to the Prequel to the Gatherers Trilogy was made clear at the end of the writing, not the beginning; most aptly encapsulating the sense of uncontrolled largeness, top heaviness, apparent mindlessness, that described the force placed against the Earth by the human population during the years 2034 to 2065.

There were also characters in the book who displayed wild, unsocial, uncaring traits, machines too, whose useful power was diverted towards the dark side to almost destroy the planet.

Death comes at the Beginning, not the End; out of the Chaos comes the Creation, and once I realised this was the way the story was going, it was evident the writing of one book would not be enough; the unfolding had to go on, the writer too, was captured, and had to scribe away till it was done.


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