Read my books!

Sometimes a member of my family, having come up with some interesting thought, will get as mad as hornets with me, when I say “Read my books.” Well, these stories have been years in the making and they are futuristic in direction, which means there are situations and events, once upon a time conjecture, that have now become current. Had to happen. Nothing new under the sun, what goes around comes around. At least twice updates have had to be made, because what I thought was a way out there idea, is now old hat!
We are living in a rapidly changing world, not a Renaissance, nowhere close to one. What we have is a hypocritical regurgitation of very old and now practically defunct but good ideas about how to live in harmony on this planet, love thy neighbour as thyself, live and let live, that sort of thing. Grabbing and profit-taking abound, Big Business has joined forces with Big Brother, and your wallet will probably be scanned by the new smart meter programme to see how much can be regularly gotten out of it!
No joke, we are far away from the turn around point, where there will be peace and contentment for all. We talk a great deal about that state, we like the concept, but how to do it, that is the question.
Does Earth have to reboot or return to square one for there to be a great new beginning?



  1. Either you are incredibly insightful (yes) or you have a fierce imagination (yes) because it is true that you have managed to capture the not-too-distant future in your books. And, the future is here. So, I say, read your books!

  2. I am old enough now to know what was good about what I had as a child. I know how to live with none of the ‘good things’ that we take for granted. Money was very scarce, so waste was a dirty word, it was amazing what we did with nothing, and happily too. I have very fond memories of my simple beginnings. I am not alone in that sentiment either.

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