Big Brother’s Business

We thought the last century was a pretty bad one for wars and depressions, pogroms and genocide and all sorts of other nasty behaviour by man to man and against every other living creature innocently in the way. But living in the twentieth century was slow moving, largely uninformed compared to what we have going now. We bumbled along in the dark in those faraway days. Political leaders showed the same lack of desire for balance and reasonableness as they do now, but sometime, not so far back, Big Business found it could not make good profit in a climate of war and internecine conflict. So availing themselves of opportunities to influence governments everywhere, invited, in fact, to find solutions to overcome crushing public debts, the business tycoons have become the non-elected partners in the governance of the world.
Watch out, the twenty-first century could become a right doozy: civil rights watered down, even in countries where they are entrenched by law; super surveillance of the ordinary citizen to anticipate trouble; manipulation of the pillars of law and the media, to disinform and cultivate ignorance. Food wars.
Really, there must be an easier way to turn a buck! It begs the question, why do we get so far off the rails sometimes?


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