Santa Spirit

We need as many Santas in our lives as we can get!
No reference whatever to the monetised icon brought out and dusted off in the Christmas Season to remind us to spend money.
Amazingly, the short-sighted little man in the red suit, removed from that particular chore, can, all by himself, take us to another softer, gentler place in ourselves, one where we should go every moment we can spare.
Keep a sharp look out for Santa, in all his guises; look out for the joyous, all-encompassing spirit which can expand our lives tremendously, and lift us well above the ever-present minutiae of daily life.
Santas open our hearts, you see, a wonderful thing to be able to do; for from that place we can freely experience life without putting it through the wringer of our anxious minds.
Look for Santas every day, not only at Christmas time.
Make a collection, and visit them often.


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