Moving On

The interesting thing when thinking about civilisations is that their beginnings and ends are completely lost in Time, to Time. Maybe this is so, but possibly Earth’s position in the solar system, galaxy, universe, can also be considered as having a changeful effect. The whole ball of wax is moving at an awful fast speed we are told; where is not known, of course, but we can bet this going will not always be with consistency or regularity, matters could get quite a bit out of kilter from time to time.
A friend has a phrase – another quadrant heard from – she might have a point, the rising and falling of eras on Earth could be entirely the result of ‘moving on’ as Dickens says in his novel Bleak House, forcible rearrangement and relocation, definitely not something we want to be party to.
The Hopi Indians speak of there having been several civilisations prior to this one, and that we must live in expectation of significant change. Mmmmm!
Quite a few years ago, the Hopi elders, the last to have the complete stories of their people in their memories, invited the Dalai Lama and his scholars to come and receive those teachings, in order that they would not be lost. There had been a saying long among them, that when the Yellow Hats came to America they were to entrust their histories to them, and so they were.


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