Decisions, decisions

It’s a serious study of human nature to ponder what people will decide to do when they are faced with an impending and overwhelming crisis. I mean the really big catastrophic event, not the usual nit-picking bitchy situations that tend to fill most of our days, which when added together and made into a long list, have the appearance of being the sum total of our reality.
Most people, if they have time, will try to do something that has been on their minds for ages, but has always been put off for a variety of unexplained reasons. However, now that the time frame has become terribly short, they will perversely get on with it, likely to be pipped at the post. A last chance affair, with a devil-may-care attitude.
Another approach might be to triple up on wilful excesses, drinking, for one, three bottles of alcohol instead of the normal glassful, with the firm intention of being non compos mentis when trouble rolls in.
A few will perhaps take their lively sexual desires to unreasonable lengths, feeling safe, knowing that no arm of the law will be around to snag them and lock them up for the rest of their lives.
Most responses will be ordinary and as varied as the people who have them, probably not as theatrical as the examples above, but heartfelt nevertheless.
Sitting still and being quietly one with the moment, however nasty, is not a response many know how to achieve.


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