Salt of the Earth

There seems to be among some people an enormous will to survive, and not only that, they are able to share that power with others. When you are in their company you feel safe and cared for, though no words may be spoken. We have all met people like that, men and women, for whom an Earth-shattering Cataclysm is but an inconvenience to be overcome.
Their hearts are large and open; they carry no grudges, pass no judgements, which allows them to love even that which could easily destroy them.
The Essence that is Life is alive itself; and not being an abstraction conjured up in the human mind, it feels and reacts to that which is heartfelt and true. When it recognises a reflection of itself, it is more than willing to show the way out of a tight spot.

Stevie and Megs are like that; in the stories of The Gatherers Trilogy.


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