The Light of Consciousness

Can we ever know how many realities there are? We have to allow that every species on Earth has its own view of the world, and that is not attached to our own; we co-exist, independently discrete. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if we could make contact in a meaningful way, and have others’ opinions of what we are doing.
There are realities on either side of the one we currently regard as real. Think of radio stations to get the idea. One tunes into one’s favourite; CBC, of blessed memory, aware that although not playing simultaneously in our ear, there are hundreds of other selections up and down the radio dial. I think in olden times there must have been more realities to choose from, but nowadays we are too busy doing too much to detect them. The great mythic stories tell us they are close by, we often get a niggle in the back of the neck, which suggests the jury should perhaps stay out for lack of evidence.
There is also nothing to suppose that if we could flit through the galaxies and universes, the reality of Earth would be what we might encounter elsewhere. For years the Star Trek series have tried to warn us, but until proven, the jury best stay where it is.
We may presume through all of this, however, that Life inhabits all states of reality, whether we can prove it or not, and I like to call that Life the Light of Consciousness.


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