When the Sun begins to shine.

I like the potential that the rising of the sun promises. There are so many ways this can happen, and none of the vistas is ever repeated. A New Year approaches, and in much the same way as the new dawn, there will be nothing of 2011 in it; not in its moods and uncertainties, for something that was started in the fall of one year, will not be the same at all in the summer of the next. We must learn to stay in the moment; stay on the crest of the wave, and not be pulled down by the inertia and weighted baggage of that which has long since passed away.
Sometimes it looks as if we never learn, that we are a very repetitive lot, preferring to stick with what we already know. I don’t think this is actually so; we continue to absorb whatever touches us, and these days there is a great deal to experience. New information and ways of handling old situations are being presented to us hourly, and by virtue of being simply there, prepare us for change.
Knowledge from so many sources has allowed us to hold the world in our hands, almost; we can give it decided dimension, that’s for certain, something that was not so all-encompassing before.
Earth is a precious thing, a gifting, which, I believe, we will know how to nurture, despite what goes on to the contrary at the moment.
It is always a question of Light and Dark, they are bound together, the Yin and the Yang constantly in motion in search of balance.


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