Too much!


And if there were no seasons to look forward to?

If the genomic code between all species was broken,
and proper communication was possible?



  1. #1 That would only mean you live on
    Earth’s equatorial line. I’m in hibernation myself.

    #2 We’d always ‘get’ God’s cosmic jokes.
    I think I’m one of them. 🙂

    I pray that peace, love, and joy invade your household
    all throughout the year of our Lord, 2012! Uncle Tree

  2. Ah! I was hinting at the state of Earth as it is described in the first book of my trilogy, Cataclysm’s Day. Everything I write in the tetralogia blog has something to do with this work in some way, #2 particularly.

    Thank you for your good wishes for 2012. The great changes go on. (nothing to do with the books). All the best to you too, Uncle Tree

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