Moment of Truth

The Old Ones and the Tinkler Council had come to no firm consensus about what they should do, although they publicly acknowledged the truth of young Rachael’s visions and were in total agreement that a threat to Earth’s being really existed.
For the peace of the community, they said that the latest ‘seeings’ were nothing more than the continuation of much earlier warnings, each generation of spirit men and women having added depth and detail to original facts. Though, on occasions, they may have garnished the imagery, never once had they diminished or lost sight of the essential story, which meant, as far as the Tinklers were concerned, that Cataclysm would stay on their community books as a matter of continuing grave concern. It was to be years before the threat of Cataclysm was dropped from regular village gatherings or before at least one person would get up and ask if anything was being done to save them from the impending doom.
What Rachael had told them so many years ago, through her bouts of screaming and unstoppable shivering was being proven true today, and Millie, not blessed with the Sight like her sister, but having an older skill of Sensing, could feel the disaster being tapped out at the ends of her fingers and pounding up through the soles of her slippered feet.
The growling and rumbling and roaring that announced Earth’s birthing filled her body with a bone-chilling terror. She’d become an unwilling witness to the ripping open of the planet’s crust, and from within the gash, that grew ever longer and longer, she felt the pounding power of continuous eruptions and explosions that displaced oceans and collapsed land masses caught in their burgeoning path. Millie stood and shook until she thought she’d drop senseless to the floor.
There was no need for a name as far as she was concerned; experiencing the outburst in the way she did was bad enough, and when she put together the information she’d drawn from the planet’s body with Rachael’s vivid story, the imagery of disaster was overwhelming:scenes of new-formed roaring infernos, that grew bigger and bigger, each one vaulting over the one before it without cease. Solid-looking towers of ash-laden smoke and steam and molten rock pushed, at incredible speed, miles into Earth’s atmospheres, caused them to shrink and pull back, unable to defend themselves against the approach of the super-charged geysers.

taken from Cataclysm’s Day, Book One of The Gatherers Trilogy.


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