Memories of dreams, what are they? Can they be an accurate record of what was dreamed? This is supposing one got the chance to remember, and therein lies a problem. Honesty in personal reporting of dream scenarios might well be as suspect as that of events in waking life.
As all matters that effect us are either expedient or relative, there is possibly a degree of painting the lily or making the coal house walls white when they should remain black.
Lucid dreaming: being fully present during the dreaming process ought to remove difficulties, but does it? So much of our awakedness remains unproven, for which aspect of Self has shown up to participate in the sleeping reality?
Seems we can’t be sure of anything; maybe we really are all gods and live in the clouds. Someone thinks so, because the latest data storage system reminds you of this fact. iCloud, meCloud, all God’s children are clouds.


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