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When I jotted down the thought about seventeen years ago – What can Earth’s response to eight billion people loudly inhabiting her surface be? I never thought the question would turn into a story filling four books, each one redrafted several times, to finally end up making a stack of almost 2400 pages of text!
Along the way I discovered that writing had health benefits; it had to be something I did every day, it relieved anxiety, ordered thoughts, provided insights, felt good, and not to do it led to varieties of prolonged downers.
Much later there was the discovery that not to let go of what had been committed to the paper record would also cause back-ups, congestion of the spirit etc., etc. and that, along with every other kind of self-expression it had to be got on with and given its place, and that was an end to it.
Haven’t got much lower back pain now that I am blogging. How’s your head from reading?



  1. Susan Worrall says:

    Head good from reading!

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