Big Booby (part two)

Mrs. B settled for accusing Billet of his infidelity in a blundering, blubbering outpouring; she told him how stupid he was to be over-dressed at that time of the morning, which surely, as eggs are eggs, was bound to give his sordid game away.
Then she went on to tell him, in loud wailing tones that he was very lucky, very lucky indeed that she hadn’t gone for the gun and killed him right there where he stood. What, she demanded, did he have to say about that?
The look of genuine consternation on Billet’s face when she told him of her aborted plan changed everything completely, and she was forced, by one of the truths that she put so much store in, to remain honest with herself, and to that end she studied her husband with a clearing eye and fizzling anger.
He wasn’t a bad man was Bob Billet, far from it, over the long years of their marriage he’d looked after her very well, and, she admitted to herself, he hadn’t been unfaithful to her in the usual sneaky, sour and sordid sort of way, denying her, the wife, his physical offerings while dishing them out to some tarty bint he’d met in a bar.
She actually managed an inward smile when she remembered what she’d always known. In Billet’s case, having another woman on the side was something of a necessity, for along with his other successes and excesses, Bob Billet possessed a sexual desire so strong and insistent that he’d much more to give out than Mrs. B could reasonably be expected to receive.
“Randy sod,” she thought disrespectfully, pursing her lips in reluctant approval and shaking herself into her clothes. If they were about to die, and life was getting that short, then this was not the time to bandy about petty resentments, or indulge in long drawn out bouts of recrimination.
She smiled at Bob serenely, her sanity and her good nature returned completely.
“For God’s sake take that look off your face, Bob, and go and get Flo,” she said in exasperation, trying not to smile outright at the expression that spread over Billet’s face.
“Did you think for one minute, Bobby boy, you were keeping something from me?”



  1. Great! Honestly.

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