When I worked in admin, overseeing the activities a number of community based non-profit societies, I noted that each of these tiny organisations had unique ways of going about their business. Also that no matter how often the personnel and staff changed, the uniqueness of the units stayed the same. As a result I was able to anticipate when they would hit a high or low spot, and help mitigate the situation.
So what, you say, life is cyclical. Agreed, but that was not so interesting as the fact that the fixated form of each society never changed no matter what.
I drew the conclusion that organisations of all sorts maintain their own particular focus, and that nothing short of a cataclysmic event can alter their ways. Therefore there must be some sort of encoding that the initial covenant imprinted on all future members, and as a result it’s virtually impossible for them to go in another direction.
I now think this is a condition of the Universe, that having taken form, it’s not free to adopt anything else. Also that abstractions, such as thinking, remembering, planning are equally affected by this inherent condition.
Pain cannot be remembered after it is has passed away, and I think history must be equally uninformed. Nevertheless, what goes around comes around, and while it appears there has been alteration, it is not enough to affect the original graven image.
The action of Mandelbrot fractals exhibit change that is almost no change at all; always the same original form will be rediscovered, no matter how convoluted its journey.
If I have arrived anywhere in this thinking, the question I ask is: if history repeats itself, where in history are we now, and if we cannot get out of our own way voluntarily, what do we have to look to, to move on?
Evolution, maybe?


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