Crick Crack

What do we have if we are alive but everything has been taken from us? Only each other.
To continue alive and go forward we will have to believe entirely in those who are with us and our communal ability to survive. We really don’t need too much to get by. What we once had was largely window dressing, clap trap, gewgaws. With the very basic necessities, food, clothing, sanitary arrangements and somewhere to stay, we will do quite well.
Everyone can agree about that short list. What seems to have gone amiss, over time, is the degree to which we have tarted up those requirements, we have put a monetary value on what should be cheap, if not actually free, and as a result have beggared huge numbers in our world societies for whom the title of beggar is an offence.
The cataclysmic events which I have written about are the result of Earth changes, but those could well be metaphors for what might collapse among Earth’s people. Everything has its breaking point.
The geological rift described in Book One of The Gatherers Trilogy is beginning to show itself in the body of human societies worldwide.The too rich and aggressive are putting tremendous pressure on their neighbours, they have made folk poor, folk who have been deliberately lulled into a false sense of security by a subtle manipulation of monies.
Though funds are apparently more plentiful than before, their use has been adjusted to take but not give.
Where’s the essential balance in that?
Cracks are bound to appear sooner or later.


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