Step this way

I’m quite sure we build computers and their software in our own image. At least what we’ve managed to discover about ourselves. This business of windows, portals to go through, leading to other places, some of them close by, others very distant indeed, is fascinating. It’s a sort of on-demand teleportation of facts and information, but not of our persons, not as yet.
How fascinating our entire existence would be if we could move at will beyond Earth’s influence. I don’t doubt it can be done; shamanic practices include it, give it a name – shape-shifting, but guard the method of achieving it jealously.
Science fiction stories use it a lot. In the “Star Trek” series, Voyager and Enterprise were visited regularly by Q, a being beyond form, who flitted about from universe to universe making a nuisance of himself. The potential in the ability to dissolve into the energetic state is very intriguing, and somehow feels likely to be a possibility far ahead in our future.
If it can be thought about, then it can become fact; it’s just a question of a little bit of know-how and a great deal of effort.


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