How does your garden grow?

Working a garden is the greatest thing. Gardens are essential to our existence; they and only they ensure our continuance on this planet. I encourage everyone to make a garden, be involved with one, make neighbourhoods into gardens, which will bring beauty into everyone’s life, and fresh food to the table without great cost. Sizes and styles of gardens are amazingly diverse, and this is a good thing, for despite the attempt of large corporate farming interests to take over all aspects of growing things, it will be the small gardeners who will preserve plant stock and protect them from genetic modification and other such shortsighted and stupid inanities.
I watched a documentary that explained the critical function of biomass in the soil, and how the lack of it leads directly to desert conditions. Properly tended soils fix carbon and hold it fast, preventing it from leaching out into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Poor soils and soils that have been made poor by bad farming methods, such as ploughing deeper than four inches, over-fertilisation with chemicals and ignoring the need to keep building up the biomass, will add greatly to climate change. Much more so than anyone has understood till quite recently.
How silly can we get?
We are headed for a radically different environment on Earth, if we continue to strip the planet of its natural cover and do nothing to make up the loss. This is a big problem, made greater by the wants, no, demands, of the huge human population that cannot see the larger picture, being so caught up in individual lives and concerns.
There’s masses of information on the Net about how to garden. Pick what you fancy, grow whatever pleases you, and along the way learn how to feed and heal yourself and others around you. It doesn’t have to be about money, either to build a garden or to receive return for your efforts. Bartering works very well in a gardening environment, in fact older societies world-wide know how to do this very well. The ‘modern’ societies, off in their heads somewhere, happy to buy every last thing they eat, don’t bother to understand the dangers inherent in what they do.
It’s best not to believe that foods from faraway places will always be delivered to your local store.
Start with big flowerpots on your deck, outside the door, recover a piece of ground nearby, join a garden club, start a ‘Victory’ garden in your neighbourhood.
Earth is an amazing garden and will welcome your efforts on Her behalf, and in return will help you on your gardening way.


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