Go to it!

When I decide to ‘do’ the closets, everything gets taken from the dark, fusty places and thrown into the light of day. Consider: more than solid objects get tossed; those bits of this and that have merely ‘fixed’ in this physical reality other more ephemeral states, such as wants, desires, have to haves that have somehow failed to come up to snuff, disgust, greed hidden for later, artifice that did not work.
So much that needs to be hauled out casts a long shadow on the day by its very existence.
Those scary, unspoken concerns probably account for the fact that closet cleaning doesn’t happen often. But it will have to be done eventually, when the cupboard doors won’t shut properly; the last signal that the ineffable has caught up to the inevitable!
House cleaning, a vigorous, visceral act of coming to grips with what is, makes things right through action.
When the mind gets full of junk, it’s not a bad idea to remove it by whatever means. Head banging is a bit extreme, but maybe Earth had reached that point on June, 13, 2065.



  1. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile blogger award 🙂 I love your blog. Check out my page for instructions under Versatile Blogger.

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