Maybe so, maybe not!

By Book Two of the trilogy the ability to move to another reality beyond that on Earth is made known, and through the medicine woman, Rachael, the other refugees in Astar become aware of how to access this ‘other’ place.
I don’t think it is so very odd to suppose that another reality could exist. It seems to me we already employ bits of somewhere else and don’t realise we’re doing it.
There’s the simple Duhs-ville day-dreaming states, the kind where we retain a little sense of what is going on around us while we wander off, but then there’s the other deep, deep, kind when we click back into our present, with not the vaguest idea of where we’ve been, although our whole body seems to be perfectly comfortable with having gone awhile.
Think also of the many occasions when we call beings and objects to us, or we ‘go’ to where they are, and continue on our lives as if nothing had happened.

Small example: We are feeding the hummingbirds right now. It’s winter time; you would think that these little birds would always be about the feeder, but this is not so. Every time, however, when I notice their absence, and say something such as ‘Where are the hummers today?’, within seconds one or even two will appear, hovering in front of the window or at the feeder to prove their existence.
The same happens with people. How often has one said; ‘Where’s so and so, I haven’t seen them for ages,’ yet in no time at all the absent one reappears.

Perhaps reality is something of a revolving door, and we don’t always stay on the one side. We can move about, carrying along with us sufficient basic information as to place and how it should look
The animal kingdoms are probably well aware of this sort of journeying and take it for granted; birds and fish are likely clued in too. Our young children often display an awareness of a dimension outside what we would consider normal, and are quite comfortable using it.

I well remember our eldest boy, at the age of four, coming into our bedroom in a state of great indignation, demanding that we go to his bed and remove the three foxes that had been stomping all over him. I asked that he hand them to me so that they could be let loose in the garden. It was done, and while we saw nothing and carried nothing away, we did it with great seriousness. The child was experiencing an intrusion from somewhere, and could not be pacified until the beasties, in this case, were got rid of.

Manifestation, illusion – names are possibly too restrictive for such matters. As I remarked in an earlier blog, the saying, ‘Things have to be seen to be believed,’ can also be rendered, ‘Things have to be believed to be seen.’


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