I realise that good readers want to get their mitts on a whole book. Read it, and pronounce upon it, yea or nay, or maybe. It’s tricky for this writer at this point to speak to the meat of the matter without letting the cat and the kittens out of the bag, but the solution is to get published in a big hurry, and parts of that process are underway. Readings, editings, writings and researching are all on the home burners, and it won’t be too long before something good happens.
I think working this way might well be quicker by years than following the traditional publishing route. That has become rather bottle-necked, navel gazing and bottom lining, to step out into the void in search of the unknown.

Truly another example of the monetising process of our world at present.

….Later that evening, after she’d finished her rounds, Rachael explained that the portal from Earth reality into Lumen was one of any number of portals scattered throughout the universes, and that according to the Tinkler Old Ones, the word ‘doorway’ in their ancient language, had referred specifically to the portals used in ‘space travel’.
“Modern day astrophysicists and mathematicians,” she said, “Louis for one, preferred to call those access points anomalies that were predictable in the space-time continuum, something their figurings had discovered to be definitely out there, but of which, they could never amass strong empirical information.” Rachael smiled, “If only they could have spoken to Tinkler Old Ones, they’d have been amazed; for not only was there irrefutable proof of the existence of those portals among our people, but the doorway between Earth and Lumen had been used regularly by them for ages past. Had they also inquired about how the doorways were formed, they’d have had confirmation of their own understanding that, as in a bowl of spaghetti noodles, each noodle may lean on one or many neighbours, and where those places of commonality occur, there are opportunities for movement between noodles in either direction. The Old Ones have always regarded these doorways as a natural condition of the universes; there’s nothing of fanciful dreaming or spirit journeying about those things, to them Lumen is another reality that intersects the one in which Earth exists.”
“How many doorways can actually exist?” asked Aletheia.
“Count the twisting of noodles in a large bowl.” Rachael replied. “Does it matter?….

Taken from The Blessings of Dis, Book Two of The Gatherers Trilogy.


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